Kyther: Check out your moirail's stream.


You proceed to pull up your MOIRAIL’S stream on Netscathe Navigator. It’s always very exciting to see them play, even if you really, REALLY, REALLY don’t like their camerawoman.

Oh, they’ve just started doing a new chart! Your eyes can barely follow the notes flying across the screen at escape velocity, but you’re a lot more accustomed to your array of MOVEMENT SHOOTERS than the RHYTHM GAMES your MOIRAIL absolutely rules at. Watching her stream demands a lot of your attention, but that’s actually very useful right now.

Maybe you might even be able to distract yourself from the fact that you CAN’T HEAR YOUR LUSUS outside, either! Not knowing what she’s about to do is actually scarier to you than being able to hear her awful scuttling, scrawing, and scheming, so your aural canals have become very, VERY calibrated towards detecting the approach of your lusus.


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