Kyther: Take a deep breath to collect your thoughts.


You carefully release yourself from QUADRANTIC HUBRIS by mailing a REVERBERATING SLAP directly to YOUR OWN FACE.

Ugh, you feel so pathetic right now. Thoughts like these are the EXACT kind that your friends love to tease you about. And if your GIANT INSECT LUSUS caught wind of this, she’d probably put you through even more VIOLENT TESTS OF STRENGTH!

You tend to cope with ALL OF THIS by fantasizing about being a troll that has THEIR SHIT TOGETHER, which you most definitely do not. Most of those fantasies tend to be about the characters from the many VIDEO GAMES YOU PLAY.
If only you could be a troll that NEVER WAVERS, a troll that ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT TO DO… and, maybe even a troll that can successfully pursue a WELL-REGARDED JADE-TEAL COUPLING?

Oh damn it, you’re just thinking about her again now! You are REALLY not in the correct mindframe to deal with THAT at the moment. Everything has been happening SO MUCH today, yesterday, last wipe, this ENTIRE damn sweep, and if you were to try and seriously think about the fact that you just got a flushcrush right now, you might just EXPLODE.

What you need a is distraction. Your moirail’s still streaming, right?

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