Kyther: Actually answer Rakiah.

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  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: кyeкye are you тhere or дiд you пerish heллo? if кyтher has бeen cuллeд, anд тhis is her лusus: fucк off! дie! i wiлл finд you, anд i wiлл дevour you iмпaлeд on sworд, suбмergeд in sauce. бuт seriousлy where have you wanдereд off тo кyтher? кyтher плease дonт бe дeaд. плease
  • amateurArsonist: huhwhat hi im thereh here n[]w []k yeah s[]me stuf was g[]ing []n earlyer justlusus n[]w im gameing d[]nt sdtress th[]ugh im a-[]k
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: oh i aм so плeaseд! тo finд ouт your бoдy is in a nuмбer of пieces cлoseлy aппroxiмaтeд тo one. has your лusus conceдeд дefeaт?
  • amateurArsonist: if she didnt i might have t[] level thsi wh[]le lawencluster fr[]m pure frustrati[]n she can burn.
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: ah. your лusus cerтainлy дoes пose you greaт chaллenges anд бounдлess тriбuлaтions, дoes iт noт? ДAМN iт i canт sтoп wriтing лiкe тhaт auuughhhg fuкc fuкc FUCК пiece of craп кeyбoreд пiece of craп дaмn highблooд тoмes whaтever! лeт мe лoose on a тhaлassaurus, anд i wiлл мeлт тhe sпonges of our eneмies wiтh onлy a graze of royaл sпeech sлuдge!
  • amateurArsonist: itsk inda funny when y[]u talk like that h[]nestly evne if y[]u slur like half []f it i havent met a l[]t of tr[]lls that can talklike that and n[]t be abs[]lute t[]tal wastes []f life. glad we have this chanel encrytyped up cause i can say things like if i was hypothcticaly a a highbl[][]d that’d make me []ne ugly tr[]ll []f a mutant lusus.
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: weлл i дo noт тhinк you are noтaблy ugлy!
  • amateurArsonist: w[]w thankns rakiah y[]u always havethe best c[]mpliments
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: :) i aппreciaтe a coмплiмenт in reтurn! i can concлuдe тhaт you are cerтainлy noт a highблooд. тhey say тeaл блooд is resпecтaблe, бuт noт пarтicuлarлy noблe...... anyway! i have soмeтhing way WAY мore пressing тo дiscuss wiтh you, кyтher. тhrough тhe eye in your husктoп, i have seen soмeтhing seriousлy freaкy. anд i тhinк iт is. i......
  • amateurArsonist: what
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: i тhinк iт is кinд of fucкeд uп jusт how TINY you are лiкe wow iт is БEYONД БEЛIEF тhaт your лusus has noт jusт sтeппeд on you yeт
  • amateurArsonist: []kay listen y[]u d[]nt even dare t[]sh[]w me waht exactly y[]u l[][]k like c[]me []n f[]r all i kn[]w y[]u yre just a wiggler and n[]t like tall as fuck as in y[]ure lyign y[]ure a lying little wiggler yeah y[]uve been hidign your big wiggler secret for like 2 sweeps []h damn my friednb was just tiny all this time
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: i have eлucidaтed iт бefore, кyтher мy husктoп is блinдeд! бuт you are in тhe пresence of...... a бiт of a мuscлeбeasт ;)
  • amateurArsonist: []k wiggler why d[]nit y[]u get the cringel[]rd herslef t[] like idk plu ga dr[]ne int[] y[]ur huskt[]p f[]r a little bit until yu[] get c[]smicaly lucky with a wash-up
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: hммммм. waiтing for a wash-uп is a тerriблe iдea тhe sooтhing winдs of forтune reмain so, so пainfuллy eлusive anд, have i noт grown мiseraблy пaтienт waiтing for тheм? oh. плease forgive мe. i have noт haд a sтuпenдous дay, even when тaкing inтo accounт мy...... circuмsтances.
  • amateurArsonist: ghey d[]nt stress it being stuck []n an iland wh[] kni[]ws where with[]ut much h[]pe f[]r escape kinda wears []n y[]u afte ra while i mena i guess it does i w[]uldnt really kn[]w ive never ben stranded smasching []ne []f ths[]e awful c[]rpsebugs and using it was a camer ais still an []pti[]n haha
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: i мay jusт have тo sтooп дown тo her лeveл of дisgrace, yes. viдene voлunтariлy cooпeraтing wiтh мe is quiтe uncharacтerisтic of her her aттiтuдe is siмплy ranciд! дriппing wiтh a sлiмe so дisgusтing iт дeserves no furтher дescriптion i siмплy cannoт БEAR тo тoлeraтe her пresence aт тhis мoмenт!!!!!!
  • amateurArsonist: if s[]p[]r awas a tr[]ll its name aw[]uld be videne lm,a[] except i think ida ctually be more chilkl with a tr[]ll made []ut of s[]p[]r than i am whwith videne at anny p[]int in time
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: ah ha ha ah. кyтher, i...... i aм бeing a лoт righт now, aren'т i?
  • amateurArsonist: iu mean shit i c[]uld as k y[]u the same questi[]n right n[]w ikm a fucking ball f[] stress right n[]w but when am i n[]t ahha
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: you cerтainлy дo seeм тo worк weлл unдer sтress acтuaллy i дo noт кnow if тhe sтress heлпs you worк weлл. i тhinк iт jusт мeans you have тo worк, whiлe aлso бeing sтresseд.
  • amateurArsonist: []k you got me i needa nap []r s[]emthing clear my head []f all the junk
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: yes! дo reorganize тhe тhoughтcasтлe in your heaд. afтer aлл, тhere are a nuмбer of gooд iдeas fлoaтing arounд лiкe griмe hoпбeasтs in тhaт fлuffy лiттлe heaд of yours gooд iдeas, лiкe тhaт uh uhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oкay. you дiд мaкe quiтe an eлaбoraтe auтoмaтizeд пorтaблe cheмicaл insuffлaтion дevice. i aм noт faмiлiar wiтh such, бuт i resпecт тhaт far мore тhan тhese мiniscuлe anд suпreмeлy annoying мechanicaл fлies тhaт a cerтain CERUЛEAN inunдaтes мe wiтh
  • amateurArsonist: []k like that thing was my best mainly beause it help s my s[]ft shitty b[]dy n[]t feesl s[] s[]ft and shitty uh um anyway i have an idea wait f[]r []ne sec[]nd im ab[]ut t[]d [] s[]mething h[]rrible
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: as usuaл i wiлл aбsconд as weлл, as i hunger for ensuring a тreмenдous мeaл, тhe aппroпriaтe riтuaл has бeen пerforмeд anд тhus, тoдay, i wiлл hooк a fucкing бig one. тhanк you for лisтening...... i кnow i have neeдeд iт тoдay. weллs are wisheд uпon you, кyтher chiмeд :)
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Huh. On the Alternet, even good friends don’t always know eachother’s faces.
And despite having been Rakiah’s pal across the ocean for two sweeps, you don’t… ACTUALLY know what she looks like.

You had hoped this day would never come, but it seems you are forced to negotiate for information with… her.

Might as well rip that blue thorn out of your side and get it over with.

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