Your name is RAKIAH SUHOTA. You are the STRONGEST and LONELIEST JADEBLOOD on ALTERNIA. In your YOUTH, you were EXILED TO THIS ISLAND. You are ALONE, and have been for a long time. Several sweeps later, you struggle to remember EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

Your ISLAND is home to a good amount of VEGETATION, a significant amount of it being POISONOUS. You have a LUSUS with you, a MANY-LEGGED, MANY-EARED BARKBEAST. It sleeps VERY OFTEN, COMMUNICATES VERY LITTLE, and is generally NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. You have considered KILLING IT out of FRUSTRATION and BOREDOM. It would be SO EASY, but, for some reason, you CANNOT BRING YOURSELF TO DO IT. You have been VERY LONELY, over the last what… three, four, five sweeps? No, you are NOT EVEN SURE HOW OLD YOU ARE. Somewhere around TEN SWEEPS? Something like that, maybe.

Life on this island has NOT BEEN EASY. Much SWEAT, BLOOD, and ANGUISH FLUID has been spilt over its RELATIVELY LUSH SOIL. You have learned that some of the PLANTS on the island are USEFUL, even including some of the POISONOUS ONES, like the MULTICOLORED FRUIT. In addition, you have mastered the art of PRIMITIVE FISHING. Throwing your HOOKS into the SEA, you drag out FEARSOME SEABEASTS, then BEAT and STAB them to death. This is facilitated by being a JADEBLOOD of EXCEPTIONAL SIZE, STRENGTH, and GRIT. Your DIET consists pretty much of SEABEAST, BLOOD, EDIBLE PLANTS, and HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE FERMENTED FRUIT DRINKS.

STRANGE and USELESS THINGS often wash up on the BEACH near your HIVE. You like EXPLORING THE BEACH after you wake up and before you pass out. Being a JADEBLOOD, you are RELATIVELY RESISTANT to the BLAZING SUN that looms over ALTERNIA. The JUNK, INTERESTING OBJECTS, and RARE TREASURES you find remain as one of few sources to ENRICHMENT that keep you ALIVE. In your youth, you had a quite a PASSION for reading ROMANTIC AND VIOLENT NOVELS, OFTEN FEATURING THE OCCULT. Unfortunately, feeding this desire has been VERY HARD due to your INVOLUNTARY ISOLATION.

One day, you discovered an AMAZINGLY WATERPROOF, FUNCTIONAL HUSKTOP on the beach! Even stranger, the presumed seadweller HUSKTOP’s DEFENSES were QUITE SEDATE, its storage VIRTUALLY BLANK, yet with an existing connection to SATELLITE ALTERNET. Using the LAST POWER SOURCES left in your HIVE, you CAUTIOUSLY RECONNECTED to the OUTSIDE WORLD. You really want to LEAVE. Eventually, you managed to MUMBLE YOUR WAY INTO a GROUP OF TROLLS.

As you found CHAT CHUMS on the ALTERNET, and REVITALIZED your love of LITERATURE through your ABYSMALLY SLOW CONNECTION, the idea of ESCAPE doesn’t seem so unlikely anymore. You THINK you might have a lead on a way out.

Your trolltag is цoмпoseдCaлaмiтy, your pronouns are she/her, and you write in a SOMETIMES RELAXED, SOMETIMES UNUSUALLY ARTICULATE and VOCABULARIOUS MANNER. Your HUSKTOP’S KEYBOARD uses a SТRANGEЛY МOДIFIEД SCRIПТ. Being isolated for such a long time has left your speech GRAINY and SOMEWHAT SLURRED.

What will you do?

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