Kyther: Examine workbench.


This smaller workbench, separate from the larger workshop downstairs, is sometimes used for your more personal projects. You don’t have an awful lot of time for that, however, so you’ve started… a LOT more than you’ve finished.

Looking at it, this all could have gotten WAY worse. As in, “kill you” kind of worse. You spilled blastgoop right onto some of the color salts you ordered! Only with legendary matheblastician LUDWYC NOWBLE’s discovery of stable explosives did clumsy little wigglers like you actually manage to grow up.

Your tealprints are also, luckily, unscathed. Which is great, because the deadline for this new long-range detonator is coming up AWFULLY quick. You’re… just gonna go finish it right before deadline night. You always do that. Massive Kyther move right there.

Rocketry, though! You’ve been having a LOT of fun getting into it. Half of it is quite similar to your usual line of work, except, you make the bomb run away from you and die. But on top of the fun puzzle that creating simple rocket engines is, you also get to turn the art of rapid planned disassembly into a breathtakingly splendid display!

It’s… actually quite nice to apply your well-honed mathematical skills to something that’s not pounding things into dust.

Contemplating your work won’t really do much good right now. Maybe you should try to do something else?

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