Kyther: Inspect damage.


Luckily, it looks like your hive walls are completely intact. Still thick as sweet tree sauce on a grubcake. So, the problem is just that you just have a LOT of glass shards all over your respiteblock, and at least a few cuts, burns, and bruises. You’re gonna have to soak a bit in the recupe later.

Your WIGGLER SELF didn’t exactly have great foresight nor concern for your respiteblock’s structural integrity. She had installed a TREMENDOUSLY LARGE, HIGHLY FRAGILE GLASS WALL in your hive, which was an incredibly smart move. But to be truthful, your ADULT SELF doesn’t give a single shit about safety either!

You kind of can’t make yourself get rid of that window, though. Somewhere in your head, you tell yourself that MAYBE it’ll eventually dissuade you from performing dangerous acts near your respiteblock. As you can see, it’s not working.

Okay, you’ve gone through these exact motions enough times already, so you know there’s just one thing to do.

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