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  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: тheyrе пrобаблy rеsпоnsiбле fоr мy, еvеryтhing аnywаy маyбе iтs алл бееn а sicк пrаnк то sее hоw лоng i wоuлд ботhеr waкing uп.
  • velvetDownpour: 0x{you've been bothering along relatively fine all things considered}
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: ivе бееn доing finе surе if yоu доnт cоunт тhe eтernaл еyеshадоw маде frом мy теаrs? аnд тhе grоwing hоле in мy insiдеs frом еатing аnд дrinкing алл тhеsе плаnтs? i дonт reaллy тhinк i have мuch of a choice whaт eлse дo i geт тo дo мy лusus. exists. couлд have had a worse one. iт jusт еатs and eaтs. доеsnт sаy мuch sлеепs а лот whaт тhe fucк are you waiтing for лisтеning то ме wiтh алл тhоsе еаrs? whат до yоu wаnт доnт еvеn кnоw why iм noт jusт кicкing iт off a cлiff anд inтo тhe sea.
  • bluespacePussycat: [:3] what in the world did i just log into [:3]
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: оh i aм jusт бeing norмaл маyбе а лusus таsтеs лiке тhе беsт gruб in тhе wоrлд whо кnоws доnт кnоw whат мinе таsтеs лiке yeт
  • velvetDownpour: 0x{ok holy shit first 0Ff} 0x{eyeshadow goes ON TOP 0F your eyes????} 0x{i didn't expect YOU to have a clue about anything but wow} 0x{anyway do you like} 0x{want me to mass drive you a grubl0Af????} 0x{you fucking weirdo????}
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: iтs бeлow мy eyes. iт мaкes sense. бuт no i wiлл aбsoлuтeлy дecлine, тhат wоuлд jusт теаr мy hivе in hалf iтs а пiле оf gаrбаgе, бuт iтs мy onлy пiлe of garбage
  • velvetDownpour: 0x{you'== right mass driving payl0Ads == an inexact science && tbh a pallet 0F grubl0Af hurtling towards your island at terminal vel0City might blow some shit up}
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: yеаh лiке мy fаcе мy беаuтifuл crusтy scuлптeд fаcе.
  • bluespacePussycat: [:3] whyre you using mass drivers for transport those are for disposal [:3]
  • velvetDownpour: 0x{i'== looking at your face right now && you look} 0x{you look} 0x{your %s 0F not getting culled on sight are acceptable}
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: sтoп лooкing aт мe i дonт wanт you тo лooк aт мe when have i ever wanтeд you тo лooк aт мe
  • velvetDownpour: 0x{listen idiot turn 45 degrees to your left} 0x{ok 25} 0x{nope you've overshot} 0x{ok perfect} 0x{SNAP}
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: are you having fun viдene iм reaллy noт noтhing aбouт лiving here is fun anд as usuaл youre noт heлпing. can you ever jusт дo soмeтhing gooд for once in your мiseraблe лife
  • velvetDownpour: 0x{okay wow you big fucking wiggler how about this} 0x{i'== gonna do a prank flavor disk delivery to your island} 0x{nope you'== out 0F delivery range}
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