Kyther: Actually answer your moirail.


Oh! Shit, of course. There’s no slashing around the plant cluster; you’re someone that finds it far too easy to forget the time. Though, to be honest, you DID have an excuse in that there was a gigantic fucking blastbug shooting explosive fireballs at you for at least a good hour.

But luckily, that’s all over for now. It’s really about time to answer your CLOSEST FRIEND.

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  • cadencedAdvance: hey you still mostly alive over there? that was a lou⯇ one my whole stream hear⯇ that
  • amateurArsonist: fucjking hell my wind[]w again sd[]rry f[]r fucking up y[]ur stream if it s any c[]nst[]lati[]n y[]u still have ai ringchum
  • cadencedAdvance: oh my go⯇ the win⯇ow again holy shit ⯈y gla⯇ youre still intact though was it the lusus again?
  • amateurArsonist: hah y[]u fuciing bet is it ever n[]t
  • cadencedAdvance: ⯆air i mean im wil⯇ly occupie⯇ in here mashing buttons every night i cant ⯈eep trac⯈ o⯆ how many o⯆ those explosions are ⯅ust you messing aroun⯇ or how many mines you set o⯆⯆ on your way bac⯈ ⯆rom the average grub run i might be able to see you ⯆rom here but ive got streambounty to be ra⯈ing in every night spea⯈ing o⯆ which chec⯈ in at some point ive been having a surprisingly goo⯇ run so ⯆ar
  • amateurArsonist: real shit? []k well i have t[]i unfuck my fucjup and s[]me []ther stuff really quick but ill sc []pe it later please d[]nt spy []n mw thr[]ugh the t[]tall yunbr[]ken wind[]w ty
  • cadencedAdvance: you gotta warn me be⯆ore you ⯇o something wil⯇ next time so i can catch it on stream or its not worth it spea⯈ing o⯆ which the au⯇ience awaits so im gonna go ⯆inish this up
  • amateurArsonist: df[]nt shatter th[]se wrists gamering t[][] hard l[]l
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