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  • velvetDownpour: 0x{my epic prank channel == a reputable piece 0F multimedia} 0x{regardless i've made my creds back on the vid so i'== totally gonna send you a new gaming keyb0Ard}
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: viдene i have no iдea whaт мy aддress is.
  • velvetDownpour: 0x{yeah you live on an island in the middle of the 0Cean so i can't deliver shit} 0x{also i know your address you nerd} 0x{i know lots 0F things ;;]}
  • coмпoseдCaлaмiтy: i тhinк i мusт have fruiт пoisoning бecause i suддenлy canт reaд any of your fooлish мessages
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